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The Entertaining Angels Store sells some of our productions on CD or DVD. The CD-albums are distributed directly from our offices to you, using PayPal.

The DVDs are sold through an external website, Vision Video. You can buy those DVDs by following the link(s).


Greater Love
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Original songs and music, based on Scripture, by Billy Angel.

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The story of MOSES as told by Billy Angel. 

Spirit of God on the Move
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While still living in Wales, UK, the Angels developed a vision for a yearly Performing & Healing Arts Festival: The Revolution Festival.

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‘Heart in the Mouth’ was recorded live at Porth Christian Centre, Porth, Rhondda, February 7th 2005.

Recorded and mastered by Andy-Wal- Coughlan.

Keyboard on track 25 by Nigel Hopkin.

Executive Producer: Billy Angel.


Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a TV drama series for family viewing, of Old Testament Biblical stories set in a timeless world; written and directed by Billy Angel.

To purchase, click on either image 

Psalms Alive

In this inspiring video, director-actor-producer Billy Angel presents 22 powerful oral interpretations of our favorite Psalms in diverse settings that serve to evoke the mood and ambiance that the original authors intended.

Billyʼs empathetic presentation honors the ancient Word and carefully places it into the modern context of contemporary life.

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