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Billy & Marcia Angel started working together in the 1980s when they ran a theater company based in London, England, and toured the UK extensively for some years.


After the company was disbanded, Billy focussed on solo-performance, and his own small theater productions which were cast per show. Billy continued to tour the UK, and made regular solo-tours in Europe and the USA.


Over the years Billy began to perform in TV commercials, and teach at one of the top drama schools in London (Webber-Douglas Academy for Music & Drama). Doing a part in an ongoing TV drama series for children, led Billy to focus fully on working with the camera, in front as well as behind the camera.


Billy became a Television-Film writer/ director, and produced many half-hours of TV drama for Dutch, UK & USA television;

Jacob’s Ladder’ ran for 4 seasons (42 episodes). DVD series available through Vision Video, Philadelphia. For the production of the last season the Angels (Billy & Marcia) moved from London to South Wales to film in the beautiful hills and in some ancient castles. (Jacob's Ladder, Gideon season is available through Vision Video in Philadelphia (

After finishing the production of  Jacob's Ladder, still living in Wales, the Angels organized and hosted a yearly

Revolution Arts Festival. They filmed the Festival with their own multi-camera mobile film unit.


Entertaining Angels, the company, was formed when the Angels moved to Florida in 2006. Here Billy filmed the series Psalms Alive, meditations based on a selection of Psalms, filmed on location in sunny Florida. DVD available through Vision Video.


More recently Billy produced two 3-hour educational films with a top dental expert from the Netherlands, to be used at universities and dental schools. Apart from the 2 long films, a number of short items were produced for publicity purposes.


While living in Florida, where Billy & Marcia moved from the UK at the end of 2006, Billy performed in Retirement Homes, full-time, as an entertainer (of sorts: focussing mostly on Biblical material). Billy also performed in several prisons on a regular basis, as a guest of the prison chaplain. Since Billy often combines a story with a song (to finish the story), this work is called: 'Story & Song'.

At the end of 2011 the Angels moved to Michigan where, a year later, they started their new adventure a coffee-shop / arts canter.  While the vision for Story Cafe has been a long time in the making, in Grand Rapids Story Cafe became a reality at the end of 2012. The Cafe was well received on the West Side of town, and Billy & Marcia and have made many customers & friends.

Story Cafe has held a monthly Poetry Night, an Open Floor (Open Mic), a Playback Improv event and a Night Out!, as well as a by-monthly Jazz Night and a Holy Ground event. This last evening is specially designed for a presentation of Biblical material.

A lot of TALENT has come through the Cafe over the years, but in the spring of 2019 Billy & Marcia decided that it was time to rap up this chapter. They closed the Cafe in the summer, and relaunched their work as STORY TRIO in October of 2019.


They found a suitable space in the Harris Building on 111 Division Ave. South, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Here they have initiated a renewed Community work: STORYWISE.


The main event of Storywise is Playback Impro. For further details see the Storywise page on

Billy has finished filming & editing a new series called THE StoryTeller, (Old Testament) stories told straight-to-camera by Billy. There are several more seasons of this new series in the pipe-line. For this work look up: and search: Storyteller by Billy Angel.

Together with his friend and script consultant Hans van Dalen (the Netherlands) Billy has developed new concepts for 2 large scale production based on the New Testament, to be produced through co-production with a film studio in LA. 


Billy Angel


Marcia Angel


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