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Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a TV drama series for family viewing, based on Old Testament Biblical stories set in a timeless world; written and directed by Billy Angel. The first 3 seasons of the series were made between 1995 and 2000. The latest season (Gideon) was filmed in 2001 in South Wales, UK.

A group of young teenagers gets ‘beamed’ into the story-world and interact first hand with Biblical characters like Gideon, Ruth, the young Samuel, older Samuel, Saul (young and older), and young David.


This TV drama series started it’s life in the Netherlands (Abraham season, incl. stories of Isaac and Jacob/ Joseph series/ Moses series).

The program was moved to Wales, UK, in 2000 where the latest season (Gideon) was written, produced and directed by Billy Angel. The 13 half hour episodes were broadcast through HTV in Wales, through UCB satellite in the UK, on national Television in the Netherlands, and through TBN, California, USA.  Jacob’s Ladder received good audience ratings internationlly.


A group of young teenagers, 4 boys and 2 girls meet the Story Teller, who lives in a light house, and who beams them into the Biblical story. Suddenly they find them selves as ‘the boy next door’ to Gideon, or ‘the young servant’ to the prophet Samuel, or even as the children of King Saul. 


Every episode has it’s own characters and story, while all 13 episodes together provide the larger story, of how God is making Himself know to His people. While the drama is playful and adventurous, the script sticks closely to the stories of Scripture.


The avid viewer might notice that in the Gideon series the many Biblical characters in the 13 episodes are played by a small ensemble of just 7 actors; inspired work by a brilliant Welsh (UK) cast.


Jacob’s Ladder has won several awards in the USA, and was broadcast around the world by TBN, California.

The series is sold (on DVD) by Vision Video. (


All 4 of Jacob's Ladder seasons were funded by the EO, Evangelical National Broadcaster in the Netherlands. When this company has ran into financial difficulty at around 2004, 2005 Jacob's Ladder production was discontinued.

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Revolution Arts Festival

Revolution Arts Festival

While still living in Wales, UK, the Angels developed a vision for a yearly Performing & Healing Arts Festival:

The Revolution Festival.


The Festival ran over the course of a weekend in a building called the POP Factory. In previous years, this building had indeed been a factory where pop drinks had been produced. It was then transformed into a TV studio and venue for special events. There were 2 performing areas inside the Pop Factory building:  a small scale ʻattic roomʼ and the much larger main floor. Events were taking place in both spaces for the duration of the Festival.


During the Revolution weekend there were performances by bands, singer-songwriters, comedians, a mime artist, a dance company, theatre companies, choirs, ensembles etc. There were also interviews held with many artists on the side-lines of the Festival.

As part of the Revolution Festival, there was a two-day program for children in a church hall across the road from the Pop Factory. A market place area outside, in the court yard of the Pop Factory building provided opportunity for all kinds of business and charitable work to have a presence during the Festival.


The Revolution Festival was well attended and received; it ran for 3 years in a row. However, when The Angels moved to the USA, due to lack of funding the Festival was not continued.

"REVOLUTION: Spirit of God on the Move" Album

Dental Work

Dental Workshop (educational films)

Billy Angel filmed and edited two 3-hour dental films, covering 2 major subjects in dentistry.


Over a period of several weeks, Billy filmed Dutch dental teacher & trainer Nittert Postema, during workshops with dental students. The second subject involved a teaching series which the famous European dentist spoke directly to camera.

In addition Billy produces several shorter items that are being used for publicity. The films are used in dental schools and universities in the Netherlands. Some of this work is also available online. 

Psalms Alive

Psalms Alive (Short Films)

In this inspirational video, director-actor-producer Billy Angel presents 22 powerful oral interpretations of his favorite Psalms in diverse settings that serve to evoke the mood and ambiance that the original authors intended. Billyʼs empathetic presentation honors the ancient Word and carefully places it into the modern context of contemporary life.


Primarily based on the King James translation, viewers easily recognize the words of the Psalm while also experiencing its message in a new way. This is an outstanding resource for personal devotions or group Bible study.

On this DVD are Psalms 1, 5, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33, 40, 42, 46, 51, 91, 100, and 139. A list of the Psalm titles in PDF is included on the DVD.


There are two added bonuses:

First, there is a heartwarming introduction (11 minutes) in which Billy shows why Psalms are an irreplaceable dimension to life for anyone who takes the time to absorb them.

Billy has memorized dozens of the Psalms and is passionate about sharing them with others, as he explains in the second bonus segment, “Learning Scripture by Heart” (17 minutes).


Billy writes: “These amazing prayers, lyrics, songs, psalms are very personal expressions straight from the heart of man, and written (mostly by David) to God. We can all speak, pray, sing, meditate on, and celebrate this inspired (words-by-David) WORD OF GOD. It will lift you up and infuse you with faith, hope and love.” 

Comment from a viewer:

All I can say is WOW!

I just watched Psalms Alive. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

You have a lot of talent and you share it! I will get your Jacob's Ladder videos next.

You surely walk with the Lord; I'm so glad I came across your DVD.

Thank you for doing what you do and for doing it so well!

Hot House Flowers

Hot House Flowers (Improvisational Theater)

In Florida Marcia Angel ran an ongoing Playback Theater Training group, the Hot House Flowers. Practicing once a week, this group gave bi-monthly performances for an invited audience over a two-year period. Production by Billy Angel.
































Heart in the Mouth (CD Album)

‘Heart in the Mouth’ was recorded live at Porth Christian Centre, Porth, Rhondda, February 7th 2005. Recorded and mastered by Andy-Wal- Coughlan. Keyboard on track 25 by Nigel Hopkin. Executive Producer: Billy Angel.


John Bullock writes:


Growing up in Yorkshire, we learnt the phrase, ‘always speak your mind’. I’ve since learned that is is profoundly better to ‘always speak your heart’. The mind will speak to the mind whereas only the heart can speak to another’s heart.

I have led an extraordinary life and here are a few lessons that I’ve learned along the way. The poems, stories and laughter on this CD have been stored in my heart. I trust that they will find their way into yours.


It is in expanding our hearts that we make a difference in the world. I’ve done it all, dunce, sportsman, sailor, drunkard, poet, missionary, pastor, author. Through raucous laughter and thoughtful tears ‘Heart in the Mouth’ explains the journey-the best is yet to come…

John began to preach in his mid-twenties shortly after his conversion to Christ. He is the author of two books and several booklets.

Now an ordained minister, the writing of this former Royal Navy man, missionary and world-wide traveller reflects the fact that he has and continues to experience life on the edge. He left school with no qualifications only to find out some time later that he had an IQ among the top 7% in the country.


His native Yorkshire has provided him with a witty approach and this coupled with his ability to write deep truths in everyday language helps him write on a broad spectrum of issues.


John lived in Tanzania and wrote a regular column in an English language newspaper. He also writes regularly for Britain's widely read Christian Herald newspaper. He is now senior pastor of the thriving Porth Christian Center in Rhondda Valleys, South Wales. He is the founder of GaP ministries and a key figure in Sporting Marvels, a vision to see community transformation in Rhondda. His continued frontline activities both in the UK and in East Africa provide an ongoing update to John’s unique insight and experience beyond the textbook.


John Bullock is a Christian leader grounded in love and flowing in action. His writing inspires accordingly.


"Heart-in-the-Mouth" Album by John Bullock

Produced by Billy Angel

by John Bullock; Produced by Billy Angel
by John Bullock; Produced by Billy Angel

Track List:

1.   Introduction by Billy Angel & John Bullock

2.   Night out in Yorkshire

3.   The Woolen Trunks

4.   Playing in Pink shorts

5.   T’Walrus is in’t water

6.   Mum, me leg hurts

7.   Underware

8.   The Magaluf surprise

9.   To be alone in wonder

10.  Don’t they sound odd?

11.  Life in the Royal Navy

12.  Admiral of the Fleet

13.  Diary of a drunken man

14.  How can I begin to understand?

15.  Where’s Tom?

16.  Human Love (follow-up to Where’s Tom?)

17.  Dogs and Rats

18.  A Pastor’s Life

19.  First Class; first time

20.  The Glob

21.  Cwm Rhondda

22.  The Dream Bubble

23.  I am

24.  Epilogue & goodnight

25.  Cheap people - no such thing


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