The Storyteller  Stories to Camera, by Billy Angel

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TV/ Internet Video Series of Biblical Stories told by Billy Angel, straight to camera.

The Storyteller is a series of stories from the Old Testament, told straight to camera. Some of these stories are well known, like the story of Jonah; many of these are not! Even so, they are all remarkable stories with important themes, totally relevant today.

Season 1

Three Heroes, One Prophet, and Three Kings 

The stories of Gideon, Ruth, and Samson, Samuel the prophet, and Saul, David, and Solomon

Season 2

Lots of Kings, One Queen, and many Prophets


Four Kings, Four Prophets and One Queen: the stories of the split Kingdom: Israel & Judah. Some great kings (like Jehoshaphat, Jotham, Hezikiah, Josiah), many not so great; some great prophets (like Elijah & Elisha, Jeremiah), many not so great prophets. Billy tells the stories of the two small kingdoms, as they struggle to survive, side by side. Israel is the first kingdom to fall at the hands of the Babylonians; some time later, Judah falls at the hands of the Persians.

A series of powerful stories.

Season 3

Three Prophets and a Queen 


The Hebrews in exile; Daniel leads the way; Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Esther, queen of Persia.

Season 4

Three Prophets and a great fish 

The Hebrews return to Israel; the stories of Ezra and Nehemiah; Job and Jonah.

Billy Angel presents these stories to the viewer as an intimate, one-on-one telling of the story, in his own words, while keeping close to the text in scripture.  There is no set, no extras, no visual effects, just Billy using vocal and visual expression, body-language, movement and gesture.

The strength of this work is in the simplicity and the directness. Billy’s way of telling the story makes it feel as if it happened yesterday, or even this morning; it's happening now, and you'll hear about it in the news tonight!

The stories, as presented in the above schedule of Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 follow the order in which the stories appear in scripture.

Production of Season 1 started in the fall of 2019 and will be completed in the summer of 2021.  All things being well, Season 2 will be produced in the fall of 2021 and the early part of 2022, Seasons 3  will be done in 2023, and season 4 in 2024.

The video below gives a compilation of Billy Angel's story telling as Rafael in Gideon season of Jacob's Ladder TV series. 



Upper Room Story Theater Play with Songs

The essential story of ʻUpper Roomʼ is as follows:



Jesus met with the disciples in the Upper Room for the Last Supper. This events was, and is a crucially important part of the overall story of the gospel. That night Jesus announced to his 12 disciples what was going to happen over the next few days, and explained how they should understand these events. They didnʼt understand, and of course Jesus knew that they wouldnʼt, but later on, thinking back over all that Jesus had said, they did.



Scripture tells us that during the harrowing hours and days of the weekend that followed (the events of the passion), the disciples went back to the Upper Room, where ʻthey hid from the soldiers, in fear of their livesʼ. Several women who were close friends, joined the disciples as they agonized over the unfolding events.



Some of the disciples and some of the women took the risk of leaving the Upper Room, and witnessing the excruciatingly slow execution of their leader, their beloved Lord. When they returned to the Upper Room, their somber account added to the menʼs shock and distress. Their master, a wonderful healer, teacher, provider, a man of amazing love and divine miracle powers, was suddenly taken from them and put to death in the most gruesome manner.



Eventually word came that Jesus had died, and -in some strange way- this news brought a sense of relief. The following day, Saturday, the Sabbath, the disciples stayed together, waiting for something, they didnʼt know what.


Occasionally they began to explore their options for ʻwhere to go from hereʼ. Some of the women insisted that Jesus would return, and that they should all stay together to be ready for the masterʼs instructions. Most of the men disagreed. The dream was over, and it was time to get back to ʻrealityʼ. Still, no-one was ready to leave; deeper down nobody could believe that it really was ʻall overʼ.



So while they lingered, they began to reminisce about their years-with-the-Lord, and all the amazing and wonderful things that had happened.



In this stage-production, the stories of what these men & women experienced through the presence and actions of Jesus, is acted out, while one of them played the ʻpartʼ of Jesus. The ʻJesus partʼ keeps going to a different man (or women), while a range of remarkable stories and events are told and acted out.



Through their reminiscing the men & women get fired up with faith-in-their-Lord, and begin to remember some of the words Jesus spoke to them during the last supper.



The production finishes with the 2 men from Emmeus who have just experienced the most amazing ʻdeja vuʼ. They bring news of the Lord being ALIVE among them.



Billy Angel is preparing a script for the stage production to be produced by Entertaining Angels, as a play-with-songs. There will be a documentary film made, following the process of exploring the story and bringing it to stage.


Jacob's Ladder  TV Series, new season

Water, Wind & Fire!


This new Jacob’s Ladder series covers the New Testament Biblical story, the Gospel & Acts, focussing first on Peter, the fisherman, with his brother and his friends, and later on Paul, the pharisee, with his assistant; different people at different times. It is through their experiences that we meet Jesus.


Peter, a fisherman, goes out on the lake daily with his brother and colleagues, scraping together a living for their families. It is a hard life, roughing the weather, fighting the local competition, and paying too much taxes to the Hebrew temple, to the Jewish King, and to the Roman Emperor.


Peter dreams of a better life in a different place, of traveling and of doing something that  he can be excited about, but it doesn’t look like he will ever get away from the smell of fish. Until, one day, Peter and his friends hear about the wonder-man of Galilee, Jesus of Nazareth who doesn’t seem to be bound by all the hardships that people suffer...


In this Television drama series we learn about Jesus through the eyes and understanding of the men who walked with him and saw him in action every day. Even while the savior was in their midst, they had little understanding of who he really was and is. Spending 3 years with him, was like a dream for them from which they rudely awoke when Jesus was crucified by the Romans. They went into hiding in fear of their lives. What now?


They were in for another shock, a joyful mind-blowing surprise, when Jesus re-appeared to them and opened their hearts to understand more of what had been happening right in front of them.


Another level of understanding came when the Holy Spirit fell on them just weeks later; it was as if the heavens opened up to them to give them insight in matters of Spirit Life, the internal workings of the Kingdom of Heaven. Like they had never really known Jesus, who had been their master and friend for several years; only now were they beginning to discover who this miracle maker really was, and what he came to do:

The only begotten Son of God, laying down his heavenly glory, came to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven, and to lay down his life as a ransom for all.


As a seemingly ordinary man Jesus went to work reaching people, healing people, teaching people, while gathering a group of disciples who watched him closely for three years.


As they walked with him, they were constantly amazed at his authority, his love and his miraculous powers. While they were in step with the one & only, they grasped little of who he was and what he came to do.


It was only in retrospect that these fishermen began to see the depth & breadth of meaning about their friend & teacher: he was and is the messiah, savior of mankind.


Jesus told them that he must leave so the Holy Spirit will come and fill them with joy and wisdom and power. The Holy Spirit would be their teacher and give them authority to follow in the steps of Jesus and proclaim the Kingdom Come.


Over time, as the story follows Peter and his friends, and Paul, traveling alone or with a companion, gradually the truth emerges in depth and beauty, about Jesus. God has revealed himself to mankind, and continues to reveal himself. The Son of God has laid down his glory and his life, only to return to even greater glory and a fuller life (if that were possible).


In this latest Jacob’s Ladder series, ‘Water, Wind & Fire!’ the hidden power of God’s LOVE is slowly revealed through the gradual realizations of the followers of Jesus, as they respond to his call and proclaim his Kingdom, setting the captives free!


The only true freedom is knowing him fully, loving him wholeheartedly, and living to serve him unconditionally. He came to set the captives free!

The video clip below introduces the Gideon season of Jacob's Ladder, filmed in Wales UK.

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